MARENGO STRUCTURES develops and produces custom, modern, environmentally sustainable, cost effective buildings utilizing shipping containers. Our goal is to be the market leader in sustainably designed container housing in the country and beyond.

We are one of a few companies in the Northeast who has extensive experience building with Shipping Containers, additionally through our strategic partners we have all the logistics and supply lines in place to achieve a timely completion. 

Some say that design is a contact sport. We believe this to be the case; with patience and a thorough understanding of the Building codes, we have learned how to negotiate with applicable Building authorities. While each project is unique the codes still apply, and with each subsequent project the process becomes a little bit easier for us.  

Sustainable Design

Construction Research

Data Collection & Analysis


As a company, our strategy and process is based upon the following:                                                                                                                                                                 1) Sustainable & Energy Efficient Design, 2) Construction Research, 3) Data Collection and Analysis, 4) Kaizen implementation. 

We believe that humanity is negatively impacting our planet; Marengo Structures believes that we must reduce our overall use of materials and should up-cycle, use as many recycled materials as possible, and Design in such a way that reduces our dependance on non-sustainable fuel sources. We are not fans of our obsession with fossil fuels as it directly/indirectly is affecting the world around us. 

What differentiates Marengo Structures from many of the other Container Companies is that we are more interested in designing and building cost effective structures, as opposed to your DIY container house kit. We have and continue to perform research into making each of our buildings as economical to both produce and operate as the budget requires. 

Via our proprietary research we are continually improving and implementing new construction techniques. 

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