Strategic Partners

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Our strengths are based on the efficiency and expertise of our partners. 

Marengo Structures, is a full service company. From Pre-Construction, Site Consulting, Sourcing, Fabrication to Installation, our experience in utilizing sustainable design methods in conjunction to our Best Practice methods allows us to create your buildings from Concept to Completion in a way that is both cost effective and timely. Both our design and construction teams are inherently interested in the the costs associated with attention to detail and how it affects our overall products. 


We have a network of engineers whom we have worked with in the past, and are certain that we can accommodate your needs. 


Andrew Rizzo, Principal, comes from a family of Builders, and has over 25 years experience as a Connecticut Building Inspector.

Mr. Rizzo was the Chief of the City of New Haven Building Department (1999-2013). 


Container Fabricators, Logistics, and Storage


We have a group of suppliers who understand our Just-In-Time construction process. This allows us to streamline our production, while still maintaining a high quality product.  

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